Christmas 2005


Christmas 2005
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Christmas 2005
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My Photo Gallery

All of us at the table for Christmas dinner

Rebekah throwing oats out to make sure the Reindeer have some food.

Kids opening packages

Kids posing with their new PJs

Kids dancing to Let It Snow

The 6 of us in front of the tree

The 4 of us by the tree

'Twas the night before Christmas, read by Daddy

Kids telling the dog "Good Night"

Jonathon putting out the milk for Santa, the cookies were put out by Rebekah

It's Christmas Day and Santa played with the camera

After he had the milk and cookies

This is the loot he left the kids

Christmas Tree on Christmas morning

Jonathon waking up

Rebekah waking up

Kids walking out to see what Santa left

Jonathon playing with his flywheels

Mommy and Rebekah playing with her new craft stuff

Mommy looking at the Christmas ornament Santa left her

Jonathon opening his new Playstation 2 Dance Pads

Jonathon with his stack of presents

Rebekah with her stack of presents

Mommy and her presents

Daddy and his presents

Rebekah with her money box

Jonathon playing with his Tamagotchi and Rebekah and Mommy playing with the Barbi laptop

Another shot of Rebekah and Mommy on the new laptop

Jonathon's share of Anheuser-Busch which reads

"To our coaster kid - Always remember on the rollarcoaster of life, leave your fear at the door and enjoy the ride"

Mommy's share of Pixar stock which reads

"When the road looks rough ahead and your miles away from your warm bed just remember what your pal said 'You've got a friend in me'"

Rebekah's share of Disney stock which reads:

"To our princess - 'All you need is faith and trust and a little pixie dust' - Peter Pan"

Daddy's share of Microsoft stock which reads

"The journey to a million begings with one"

Rebekah and Mommy playing with the Barbi laptop

Jonathon trying to learn how to play with the Dance Pad

Kids opening packages

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